Makeda Wilson

I fell in love with exercise upon the realisation that it was my armour. At the time I was on a path of self-destruction, lacking any quick fix answers. Feeling isolated from all things tangible that people live for, my life was being consumed by depression and anxiety. But through regular training sessions, exercise became the remedy that powered me back onto the right track. 


Since embracing fitness into my lifestyle, I have benefited both short and long term from the positive effects on my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for nearly 10 years. During this time I have not only improved my relationship with myself, but also food and sleep, which often get overlooked when assessing our day to day habits and how they affect our general health.


Having qualified 5 years ago and progressing my knowledge on the human anatomy including pilates and hormonally structured training for females, my mission is to help others develop their understanding of their own mind and body, improving functionality to get the best out of it and improving body confidence, lifestyle and mental wellbeing. 


As a trainer, I am reluctant to prescribe any quick fix intense workout programmes and unsustainable diet plans. Whilst these are useful for upcoming events i.e. birthdays, weddings and holidays, they only bring short term results, which can bring feelings of failure, disappointment and other kinds of psychological damage when not maintained for the long term. 


Your mental wellness is equally if not more important than your physical fitness. Together we will establish a fitness goal that means something to you, find out what motivates you, identify the obstacles you need to overcome and discover new areas of control, bringing you newfound empowerment. Let’s prepare you with a structure of steps you need to make a life change that not only gets you there, but also ensures you maintain.


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Personal Trainer & Accountability Coach


London, United Kingdom

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